VFX and Animation Project Management

About a year ago we noticed a lack of good off-the-shelf software for cg studio shot and asset management. This observation led to the conception of Project Overlord.

Project Overlord is a client/server application designed for vfx and animation studios. Its an asset management program just like some others, with the addition of a tightly integrated set of project management tools.

One concern I noticed was the fact that leading applications only dealt with asset management and some task management. But what about the other incredibly important components of cg productions? What about sequences and shots? If other software covers these areas, it leaves out the asset management features. Why couldn’t there be a program that included both of these things together in one simple to use application? Why be afraid to implement a tracking system that could be easily adapted to with any existing pipeline?

Well, for whatever reason the other applications aren’t doing it, we don’t care. Project Overlord is doing it!

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