Why cg studio project management is such a big deal

Today the big emphasis is on asset management software. Asset management is basically just keeping track of your files and making sure no one else in the studio overwrites your work. These systems prevent users from working on the same file at once. Asset management is great and all, but what have studios been complaining about?

Studios need to track project data. Sequences,shots, and tasks are a huge part of undertaking a cg production. It seems that the main applications out there stay away from these things because all studios function differently. Each studio has its own workflow. That is correct, but isn’t every production made up of the three components we just mentioned. What is the harm in integrating those components along side asset tracking?

Ask yourself these questions, and then look at Project Overlord. The flexibility the application gives you is unmatched. Great thought has gone into its creation. Professional studios have been working with us since day one, telling us what they need in an application such as Project Overlord. Our testers are stressing how useful the application is. So hop on board.

If your studio would like to Beta test Project Overlord, fill out this application.

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