What is Manupro? (Online Store and backoffice integration)

Basically Manupro is a backoffice system for order processing, tracking inventory, and shipping inventory. There is also a module available for taking your inventory straight to the integrated online store. So whatever is in your backoffice inventory can easily be synced to your online store. By doing this, you will not have to manage a separate online store inventory list. If you change a price in the order processing software, the change is automatically updated on the website.

When a customer places an order online, you automatically have the order information in your backoffice software. The online store is completely integrated with the office backend software. As the order makes its way through your warehouse the customer can easily track the status of their order as Manupro updates the online store in realtime.

Companies that take their products to the web usually have an extra layer/step between an order being placed online and the processing/shipping of that product from their warehouse or third party shipping location. This extra step can cause errors and wastes precious time.

Manupro can even be integrated into a wordpress online store front end.

Contact us to receive more information about Manupro.

Again, Manupro is capable of running as an online store and integrated backoffice application.

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