Project Overlord is a Digital Asset Management application designed for VFX and Animation Studios. It is generously sprinkled with layers of Project and Workflow Management tools. Project Overlord tracks episodes, sequences, shots, tasks, time, and assets.

Project Overlord is a client/server Windows desktop application (Linux and OSX coming soon) that will enable your team to stay connected whether they are in one location or scattered around the world.

What makes Project Overlord so unique is how it brings REAL Asset Management and Version Control together with Project Management in one application. No other production management software offers you this much control in one simple to use solution. Click here for pricing information.

Super Easy to Set Up

Project Overlord is quick and easy to set up. The system requirements are minimal. You can be up and running in minutes not days. If you need any help during the process our support staff is easily accessible.


Work the way you want to work. No need to adopt a new pipeline process. Project Overlord gives more control without forcing you to redesign your workflow.


Give Software can custom develop any features you may need. It costs a lot less than you may think. As workflow specialists, our team can come to your studio and help you set up an efficient pipeline based on Project Overlord and other third party tools.

API & Pipeline Automation Toolset

Coming soon in the 4.0 release is the incredible Pipeline Automation Toolset (PAT). With the new PAT system you can set up custom workflows based on client triggers. The possibilities are endless. With the new API (also coming in the 4.0 release) you can write custom in-house tools which can communicate directly with the PO Server.

Version Assets

Never worry about losing work because of changes made to a file. Assets are checked out from the Project Overlord Server. Each version of the file is saved so work is never lost.

Track Assets in Relation to Shots

Every asset in Project Overlord can be associated to episodes, sequences, shots, and tasks. Never be in the dark as to why a shot is being held up.

Project Management

Task assigning and reviewing could not be easier. Gain control over your projects with an intuitive task management system. Project Overlord also gives users the ability to track episodes, sequences, and shots. Each of these elements can be connected to tasks and assets.

More Features Include

  • Asset Versioning
  • Asset Change Lists
  • Messaging
  • Approval Queue
  • Dailies Queue
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Server Administrator (remote/local)
  • Server Health Monitor (remote/local)
  • Episode, Sequence, Shot, Task, Time, and Asset Tracking
  • Live External Copy of File Repository (Human Readable)
  • Task Grouping
  • Gantt Charts
  • Asset Annotations
  • Asset Searching
  • User Commenting
  • In-Application Asset Previewing (80 + Image/Video Formats)
  • Graphic Reports
  • PDF Shot Workbook Export
  • Work Locally or from a Network Share (Local/Network Project Mode)
  • Automated Storyboard Scanning
  • CSV Import/Export
  • In-Application Scripting, and more…